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An engineer by profession, for a while, I was writing for ConsumerMate, an online portal that offers buyers advice on products like laptops, mobile phones, televisions and digital cameras. This is an initiative of 9.9 Media — the folks who do Digit, one of India’s most read technology magazines. Here are links to some of the articles I’ve written.

Articles on Tablets

Resurrection of the Tablet

According to the tech soothsayers, tablet PCs are going to take over the world in 2010. They’re going to be in the news, in articles, in conversations and on peoples’ minds and hopefully in most hands all through the year. Though tablet PCs have been around for quite a while, they are just beginning to strike the right chord with consumers. What is it about these devices that makes tech enthusiasts’ eyes teary? And after being around for almost a decade, why are they picking up steam now? (Read more)

iPad Storms in at Last

For months, the blogosphere had been full of talks and predictions about the tablet computer from Apple and finally Apple has unveiled the iPad, giving the world more to talk about. Apple announced the much awaited iPad, the “magical and revolutionary” tablet computing device. Apple has a track record of creating revolutionary devices such as the iPod and the iPhone, and people have come to expect the world from the iPad, which it might actually deliver, albeit at a price that will make people want to beg, borrow, steal or kill just so they can then get their hands on it. (read more)

The iPad, the Kindle DX and Netbooks. Who does what better

iWant. Even though it does not have a camera, cannot multitask and does not support flash, most people, including those who are only slightly aware of an iPad, want to own one. Of the rest, while some evangelize netbooks, others are simply content with features that the Amazon Kindle DX offers. Different people want and need different things. Lack of a few features might be a deal breaker for some, while others might not even feel that there’s anything missing. The iPad has been compared, by some, to a rock, a beach, netbooks and the Amazon Kindle DX — an eBook reader that costs about the same.

This article highlights some plus points of some of these devices that are being pitted against each other all over the internet. If you can’t decide what you want or need, this article might be of some help. (read more)

Adam from Notion Ink takes on iPad

People like rooting for the underdog. As we often see in movies, a small startup bravely takes on a big organization, which is infamous for its strict policies. The big rich corporation is often considered evil and insensitive towards customers as it doesn’t usually change something for a few customers for the fear of losing other customers. On the other hand, the startup is shown sweating it out, trying to create a better product. In this story, Adam, the tablet computing device from Notion Ink takes on the iPad from Apple. (read more)

Tablets Expected In 2010

We’re not even half-way through 2010 and tablet PCs have begun taking over the world. They are in the news, in articles, in conversations and on peoples’ minds and have already made their way into a few hands. Having come a long way from when they were defined as “pen-enabled computers,” they are now beginning to strike the right chord with consumers. Here are a few tablets which are expected to be available by the end of this year. (read more)

Articles that offer “expert” advice 🙂

Move Your Contacts to the Cloud

What happens when a phone gets lost? Or it gets stolen? Or damaged beyond repair? It hurts. The loss of all contacts, photos, videos, notes and messages is an irretrievable loss of monumental magnitude, a literal pain with no sedative to curb. But, what if there was a way to minimize the loss and restrict it to just the device so that when you buy a new handset, you can have all collected data restored on the new phone in a jiffy? (Read more)

Choose a Better Camera — 3 Ways to Choose a Camera that you didn’t Know About

The feature of cameras that is most highlighted is a number followed by MP. This is the resolution in megapixels that the digital camera is capable of capturing. It is the easiest for customers to understand and the easiest for salesmen to sell. Apart from megapixels, the most common factors considered while deciding which camera to buy are size and color. However, there are a few other little known things that can help you make a better decision. Professional photographers look at a host of other things as well to be able to take better quality pictures. This article covers a few things that can help beginners choose better. (Read more)

An Introduction to Entry-Level DSLRs

DSLRs are fun. They combine the thrill the sound of the shutter gives with the instant gratification the LCD display provides. They let the user take a large number of great quality shots, see them right after they’ve been taken, and share them with ease. DSLRs add intensity to color and depth to photographs, and are ideal for casual photographers looking for better pictures and also for photo hobbyists, who want to enhance their skills. This article talks about two popular entry level DSLRs made essentially for those getting started with serious photography. (Read more)

About technology

Technology Behind (D)SLR Cameras

With or without any knowledge of a good or bad camera, there’s just something about the Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras and Digital SLRs (DSLRs) that just makes one want to take pictures. Professional photographers have always chosen them partly because photos clicked using these are of unmatched quality. In addition, they give the artist the flexibility to experiment with different styles of photography and specialize in the one that stimulates them the most. (Read more)

The Technology Behind 3D TVs

3D TVs were hot at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), one of the largest exhibitions, this year. Market leaders like Samsung and Sony announced TVs with 3D capability. New models with native 3D support are expected to hit stores later this year. Here is a brief look at the technology behind 3D TVs. (Read more)


Evolution of phones in 2009

The year gone by has, to say the least, been eventful. 2009 — the last year of the decade saw birth of a plenty of mind boggling technologically advanced devices. Simply put, we enter the new decade pretty well equipped to have the wide world on our finger tips in some form or the other. This year, Microsoft gave Windows Mobiles a makeover and launched the Windows marketplace. All handset manufacturers launched phones that looked like the iPhone. Android phones started gaining traction in the market. Nokia placed its money on the overpriced N97. However, in 2009, there were a few recurring themes that were quite noticeable. There was an increased focus on Android, touch as an input mechanism and phones actively participating in the social revolution on the Internet. Let’s take a look at what really stood out and what 2010 might have in store for us. (Read more)

Apple iPhone v/s Google Android

Android devices have been hogging all the conversations off late. Some have hailed this platform from Google as the “iPhone killer!” Handset makers (like HTC, Motorola, Samsung and Acer) are working hard to release phones with Android on them. India already has a couple of these devices targeted at geeks from HTC and Samsung. Technology addicts and phone enthusiasts all around the world are drooling all over the new device. What is this new-platform-on-the-block and why is there so much hype around it? What is it about these phones that sets them apart from the iPhone? Can the Android be good enough to threaten the much-desired Apple iPhone? (Read more)

Wacky Cell Phone Accessories

There are always some accessories available for mobile phones that do not make it to the “must-have” list.  While there are a few reasons for this, the lack of creativity is definitely not one of them. Some of these are useful, while most are just impulse buys that are not used more than once. However, even though these add-ons aren’t mainstream accessories, they do deserve a mention just out of respect to their creativity and coolness. For example, the genius hands free device is just a rubber band. Let’s talk of some of such add-ons that are not car-chargers, bluetooth headsets, cases, holsters and screen protectors, but ones that will surely amuse you. (Read more)

Experience More With Foursquare

Almost always, it is a friend who introduces you to something — be it a new restaurant, a delicious item on the menu, the best sale in town or the most happening parties that weekend. Also, there is a lot that you know about your surroundings that you can tell your friends. For example, I know that at Janpath, in New Delhi, you get cheap yet fashionable clothes, and, in sector 37, Noida, a neat place called the Tea Shop that serves awesome tea and Momos.

What all would you want to do with information about a location? When I enter a mall, I want to know where the best sales are and which restaurant has the best Indian food. I want information specifically relevant to me based on what my location is. The “here” information — knowing “what’s good/bad/ugly/cheap/quick/tasty … here” is of great importance. That’s where Foursquare comes in – a location based social network that tells you about the place. (Read more)

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