Windows Phone Mango. Really.

For the last few months I’ve been using a Windows Phone that runs on the new OS, Mango. Simply put, since I bought and used my first iPhone, I haven’t been this enchanted with a phone until now. And I’d recommend it to you.

Going out on a limb to get hands on a gadget one has waited for longingly until release and ardently admired in pre-release is not an unheard of incident. Story of the man who sold his kidney for money to buy an iPad is quite famous and I know how Apple fans line up for its product launch from before the eve of its release. In fact, I have a similar story of loyalty to share. Those of you, who’ve experienced summers in Hyderabad, India, will understand the meaning of my sacrifice.

The summer of 2010 in Hyderabad was one of the hottest that region has ever lived through. Even the number of deaths from the heat shot up to hundreds. Most of us, sheltered from the heat but affected nevertheless, couldn’t sleep. The media was abuzz with “news” articles on “Ways to stay cool.” Amid all this, I refused to buy an air conditioner as I needed that money to further the Apple cause at my end.

Some generous landlords had installed air conditioners in most of the houses I lived in. But in the house I was living in at the time of this summer did not have any sort of air conditioning. And my room had no ventilation whatsoever.

While these issues are insignificant compared to the troubles that some people have, they made it harder for me to function normally. My writing gig at ConsumerMate had given me a little “extra money,” that if needed I could use to buy an AC. I started looking around and almost bought one.

But then, that very week Apple launched the iPhone 3GS in India and suddenly the heat didn’t matter anymore. Studies show that Apple products generate the same activity in the brain that religion does. I’ve never been very religious, but I’m sure I experienced the same feeling of devotion the day I decided to buy an iPhone. After all, it’s not like I needed an AC to improve my standard of living. I needed a new and expensive phone.

I adored the iPhone. While writing about phones for ConsumerMate, I had realized the iPhone really was the best one around. Apple had designed it fabulously. At the same time, other companies were making phones that Donald Norman would love to rip apart. Advertisements of poorly designed features, which would hardly ever be used, bothered me.

Anyhow, the iPhone was available near me. I had money saved up. I decided not to buy an AC and bought an iPhone instead. After all, if someone can part with a kidney for an iPad, giving up cool ventilation for an iPhone was the least I could do.

I switched to Samsung Focus, a Windows Phone 7 device, after I moved to the United States in November 2010. I definitely missed my iPhone apps, but the Windows Phone was good enough and I decided not to get my iPhone unlocked.

Mango, the latest version of Windows Phone has given me the same jolt yet again. Even after a few months of owning it, I take it out of my pocket every few minutes just to play with it.

Two features that I love are Groups, and the chat integration with Facebook and Windows Live Messenger. You can create a group for friends you hang out with often, and can easily text or email all of them and can also see what’s new with them. You can even pin a group to the home screen to see group members’ updates right there.

I applaud the WinPhone team for the fantastic Facebook chat implementation. As the phone offers it, you don’t need “an app for that.”

The iPhone is “magical.” I tried getting all my friends and family members to buy one, and will always have a soft spot for it in my heart.

But now that I’ve had a chance to use Mango, I definitely prefer Windows Phone 7. There’s nothing like it and yes it is better than the iPhone. Fast and easy to use, Mango does help getting things done quicker. I’d more than recommend this to all friends and family members. Heck, I’d go without an air conditioner for it!



Read the Windows Phone Blog to know more about the features in Mango.

Here’s Joe Belfiore showing off Mango.

1 Comments on “Windows Phone Mango. Really.”

  1. Yeah .. mango adds the finesse that was lacking in the original release ( which also i loved) .. features like the ability to pin to folders from mail , fast resume .. the lock screen time out seperated from display time out .. slide for shutdown etc. are some of the features that i end up using almost every day .. WP7 FTW !! ..

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